Set It Up?

Set It Up?

When I use the term “Position-Less” to describe the Read & React, I’m not talking about positions on the floor. I’m talking about pigeon-holing players with terms like Point Guard, Two Guard, Strong Forward, Center, or the numbers 1-5. Read & React only needs players – not necessarily any “type” of player.

Positions on the floor, something I call SPOTS are a different matter. Both Read & React and Set Plays start their basketball actions on SPOTS and end on certain SPOTS.

In the case of a failed Set Play, you’ll hear coaches yell “Set it up” players and players must return to their original starting spots in order to attack again.

Read & React starts on a Spots and ends on a Spots as well. However, the difference is that the next action can begin from whatever spot the ball is on AND players can begin this next action from the spot that they find themselves on! In other words, when a Read & React action FAILS, the players in Read & React are already “SET UP” to try another action. The ball does not have to return to a specific spot, nor do the players. When using Set Plays, players must return to the spots that their position demands. Read & React players do not. And from that standpoint, the Read & React players are positionless, but not spotless!


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